KANKAN has its roots way back in 1983 and today its known as one of the most well-known companies across the globe for its services. Mr. Anil Jain who has been linked to textile industry for more than 30 years is the mastermind behind this venture. After completing his graduation in commerce from one of the most prestigious colleges in Asia - Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University; he decided to use his marketing skills and opened his own retail outlets of garments which grew by leaps and bounds. He later took over his family business in mid 80’s and started heading the home textile division. With this came the creation of Kan Kan group which in not much time became one of the largest exporter & service provider in early 90’s and developed a great reputation for himself in the textile market working for prominent brands like JC penny, Zara, Umbra, Wal-mart and Macy.


Under the name of Sadhana Fashions we have the manufacturing of indoor home slippers being carried out in northern part of India in panipat. The unit that serves our American client spread over 30000 sq feet and is capable of making 12000 pairs every day. We have four automated dye cutting machines and 125 stitching machines that help in bringing maximum productivity for achieving our daily production target.

The company very well understand the need of quality and hence tries to avoid any errors in packing. At the same time factory manager also keeps a close eye on how the employees are handling the goods. Once the optimum level of satisfaction is achieved the goods are packed into cartons


 The company has a 6,000 sq feet unit within the premises of Panipat where the setup has been placed for Japanese slipper. We have two automated dye cutting machine with 60” platform which helps in cutting each component. There are 3 roller lamination machines  which are used with latex to attach the fabric sock of the slipper with EVA used. The factory also has two automated edge folding machine which provides the function of the outsole.

Making of these slipper is not only stitching oriented but involves a manual work of pasting which makes it even more important to aid the workers with proper know how to increase speed and deliver the desired output. We have 2 needle detectors within the same premises. One is used for passing goods at intermediate level and other at the last stage before goods are packed in the boxes


With the Experience in the trade market for over 3 decades, The Company’s manufacturing unit and efficient infrastructure backup are equipped for creating landmarks in export of goods and shipping. The company has an eagerness to incorporate the latest technology in management as well as in the grassroots of manufacturing and sourcing; a good infrastructure and good team is the motto we follow.